The Future of Public Law
July 6–9, 2021

Welcome to ICONS Mundo, the 2021 Conference of the International Society of Public Law. Held entirely online, this Conference seeks to make public law accessible to scholars of all types, regardless of area of interest, methodological approach, academic position, or geographic location. Over the four days of the conference, attendees will have access to Plenary Events, Social Events, dozens of Interest Groups, and nearly 300 Panel Sessions.

Mundo Program

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Access to Justice in pandemic times in Brazil

Speaker: Thaís Amoroso Paschoal / Olívia Alves Gomes Pessoa / Eduardo Faria Silva / Luciana Silva Garcia / Wellington Pantaleão da Silva / Luis Marcello Bessa Maretti / Ana Silva Evangelista Ferreira / Clarissa Bueno Wandscheer / Thaís Amoroso Paschoal / Juliane Milani / Alexandre dos Santos Cunha