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July 6 @ 17:40 - 19:10 UTCJuly 6 @ 13:40 - 15:10 New YorkJuly 6 @ 12:40 - 14:10 BogotáJuly 7 @ 01:40 - 03:10 SingaporeJuly 7 @ 03:40 - 05:10 SydneyJuly 6 @ 19:40 - 21:10 Rome

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Constitutional Law in the (Un)Making: International Law and Other Ways of Changing Public Law

The purpose of this panel is to reflect about institutional choices within a constitutional system. An institutional choice is a decision about the regulations or procedures that both constitute a branch of government or an administrative agency, or that provide for the governance of a public good. We are interested in institutional choices that have created new constituonal frameworks or that have changed already existing ones in a substantial way. In particular, papers that focus on factors for institutional choice such as international law or judicial implementation doctrines are specially relevant. In this way, we hope to grasp a better understanding about the making and unmaking of constitutional law.

Chair(s): Pedro Caminos / Joaquín Millón