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Deficient Dêmos: Political Representation of Socially Vulnerable Groups (Korean)

Democracy literally means ‘self-rule by the people‘, i.e. rule by dêmos. In Athenian democracy, the concept ‘dêmos‘ was conceived as ‘all citizens‘, ‘entire citizen body‘, or ‘assembly‘ consisted of them, yet some groups of people were excluded. It demonstrates that dêmos was a rather institutionally constitutive concept. In representative democracy where rule by the people is substituted by the rule of elected representatives, the people are entitled to cast votes or run for the representatives. In this, the people who could not be represented are under the rule by others, not by themselves. They are conceptually incorporated within dêmos, yet excluded in political reality. Dêmos should not remain so deficient. Then, who are not constituting substantive dêmos in a modern democracy? In this panel, constitutional scholars from South Korea will talk about political representation of women, children and adolescents, and the disabled respectively with a focus on the Korean legal system.

Chair(s): Seon-Taek Kim