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July 7 @ 07:00 - 08:30 UTCJuly 7 @ 03:00 - 04:30 New YorkJuly 7 @ 02:00 - 03:30 BogotáJuly 7 @ 15:00 - 16:30 SingaporeJuly 7 @ 17:00 - 18:30 SydneyJuly 7 @ 09:00 - 10:30 Rome

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European Security and Automated Technology: Social and Legal Perspectives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated tools in general are at the forefront of technology breakthroughs in latest times and their use is becoming pervasive in any area of human life. Their potential in security-related activities quickly showed up as well. This is why this panel aims to discuss the resort to AI in security practice, focusing on both the European Union (EU) and some member states. Panellists will examine how, in selected cases analyzed by their papers, the use of AI is impacting – and perhaps even transforming – principles enshrined in EU law and in domestic constitutional law. The purpose of this panel is to shed light on new issues arising from the increasing use of advanced technology, not with a view to discouraging reliance on these tools – which would be anachronistic and leave inacceptable “competitive advantages“ to those threatening security –, but with the ambition to concretely contribute to a more aware and rule of law-compliant use thereof.

Chair(s): Arianna Vedaschi