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Fake News Against Democracy

The exposure of citizens to large-scale disinformation campaigns, including misleading or outright false information, is a major challenge in contemporary societies.

Disinformation may have far-reaching consequences on the economy, privacy, and security, threatening policy-making procedures, democratic politics, and eroding trust in institutions. Moreover, disinformation could also be harmful to democracies to the extent that they hamper the ability of citizens to make informed decisions, polarizing debates, creating, or deepening tensions in society, and undermining electoral systems thus leading to the rise of populist governments.

Fighting disinformation in the era of social media and online platforms must be a coordinated effort involving all relevant actors, whereas a key role must be given to governments and national institutions. Indeed, the strategic use of communication tools allows administrations to interact with a wider variety of relevant and interested stakeholders to develop public services that better meet people’s needs and expectations. Such an activity would be essential to promote the role of administrations as credible providers of information and would at the same time promote the principles of open administration in the definition and implementation of public policies.

Chair(s): Estefânia Maria de Queiroz Barboza