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Future of Illiberal Constitutionalism in Russia

Constitutionalism by its origin is inspired by liberalism and is unthinkable outside of anti-despotism. Last year has demonstrated attraction of Illiberal regimes. Even in Europe, citizens are faced with the erosion of democratic rights and derogation from constitutional principles, which seems to be inalienable not long ago. Restrictions on freedom of movement and assembly, as well as the right to access to justice have become typical. Unlike western democracies, China and other authoritarian regimes proved the effectiveness in combating the challenges of the global pandemic. Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2019 announced that the idea of liberalism has ‘outlived its purpose‘. This opinion is readily supported by European populists or in countries where the socialist legal tradition has survived. The 2020 constitutional amendments further widened the gap between the declared liberal principles and fundamental freedoms, and the “new“ constitutional identity of Russia.

Chair(s): Aleksei Dolzhikov