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July 8 @ 10:20 - 11:50 UTCJuly 8 @ 06:20 - 07:50 New YorkJuly 8 @ 05:20 - 06:50 BogotáJuly 8 @ 18:20 - 19:50 SingaporeJuly 8 @ 20:20 - 21:50 SydneyJuly 8 @ 12:20 - 13:50 Rome

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International Influence on Constitution Making (Part B)

It seems unimaginable for a modern constitution-writing project to develop exclusively with reference to domestic conditions, and to be designed and executed exclusively by citizens of the State in question. In reality, of course, some form of international involvement or influence can be detected in most constitution-making processes, right back to the creation of the first ‘modern‘ constitutions in the 18th century. Is the presence of external actors and/or ideas a boon or a bane, what effects might it have, and how should these assessments proceed, both pragmatically and conceptually? This panel will explore these and related questions by considering the history, practice and effects of international involvement in national constitution-making. In recognition of the importance of contextual inquiries, the contributors will consider a range of constitution-writing projects across time and space, and make reference to historical, jurisprudential and theoretical perspectives.

Chair(s): Maartje de Visser