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Levy, O’Fynn and Kong, Deliberative Peace Referendums (OUP 2021) launch and discussion

Peace referendums, which seek to manage conflict between warring groups, are increasingly common. Yet they remain erratic forces—liable as often to aggravate as to resolve tensions. A new book (Deliberative Peace Referendums, OUP 2021) argues that, despite their risks, referendums can play useful roles amid armed conflict. Drawing on a distinctive combination of the fields of deliberative democracy, constitutional theory and conflict studies, and relying on comparative examples (eg, from Algeria, Colombia, New Caledonia, Northern Ireland, Papua New Guinea, and South Africa), the book shows how peace referendums can fulfil their promise as genuine tools of conflict management. The book’s three authors, Levy, O’Flynn and Kong, will be joined by Charles Sabel to launch the book, and by Silvia Suteu and Leah Trueblood to explore the topic of referendums. Suteu and Trueblood will also present their work on, respectively, referendum boycotts and referendums as representative democratic processes.

Chair(s): Ron Levy / Hoi Kong / Ian O'Flynn