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July 9 @ 10:20 - 11:50 UTCJuly 9 @ 06:20 - 07:50 New YorkJuly 9 @ 05:20 - 06:50 BogotáJuly 9 @ 18:20 - 19:50 SingaporeJuly 9 @ 20:20 - 21:50 SydneyJuly 9 @ 12:20 - 13:50 Rome

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New technologies, rights and inclusion of vulnerable persons: a multidisciplinary perspective

ICT, social and digital media, artificial intelligence are radically shaping the society we live in. They have become an integral part of individual and community life, especially after the pandemic crisis, which forcefully boosted the process of digitalization in due course. Most notably, for vulnerable groups at risk of social exclusion these new technologies represent an unprecedented opportunity to actively participate and be fully included in society. However, they also have the potential to discriminate against them, as well as to exploit their vulnerabilities in order to distort their capacity of self-rule in the digital environment. Against this background, this panel contributes to the literature on digital technologies from the lens of social inclusion. The following contributions will thus focus on vulnerable groups from a multidisciplinary perspective, addressing EU and national regulations along with the social consequences of digital exclusion.

Chair(s): Carola Ricci