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Recent transformations of the Economic Constitution (Italian)

The panel concerns recent transformations of the Economic Constitution. Which is the current role of public powers in the economy? After the 2008 crisis, the European Central Bank has played a new role, cause of the absence of a unitary economic government, The shock due to virus Covid-19 has determined a change in the approach of European competition law: a new European temporary framework for state aid has been adopted. It has opened up more possibilities for public powers. The constraints of the fiscal compact have been suspended: it allows for greater spending possibilities but implies a more consistent public debt. In this context, it‘s central to reflect on social rights, which constitute a fundamental part of the Economic Constitution and a factor in wealth redistribution. New rights appear, first of all, the right to housing, on which there is a rich jurisprudence of the constitutional courts of member States.

Chair(s): Sara Spuntarelli / Elena Vivaldi