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Reinvention by Necessity: Implementation of International Human Rights Treaties in Taiwan

For many countries, compliance with international human rights norms is a key way to ensure and strengthen public trust and rule of law in state bodies, particularly under the context of authoritarianism to democracy. Since the late 1990s, Taiwan has made considerable progress in adopting quite a few of the major international human rights instruments despite its troubled statehood. Those treaties are ICCPR, ICESCR, CEDAW, CRC and CRPD. The panelists will engage in: what legal, political and social forces do drive Taiwan to incorporate international human rights treaties into its legal system? In what ways and through what mechanisms are those human rights instruments implemented? What roles of the courts, NGOs, academia do play in implementing the conventions? How is the performance of those treaties reviewed and monitored? And finally, what progress has this implementation of core human rights treaties made, and what challenges does it still face?

Chair(s): Ford Fu-Te LIAO