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July 8 @ 05:40 - 07:10 UTCJuly 8 @ 01:40 - 03:10 New YorkJuly 8 @ 00:40 - 02:10 BogotáJuly 8 @ 13:40 - 15:10 SingaporeJuly 8 @ 15:40 - 17:10 SydneyJuly 8 @ 07:40 - 09:10 Rome

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Social Contract Theory in the Age of Climate Crisis

Although we are living in the age of climate crisis, constitutions are still not addressing the dramatic threat to human existence. This is due to the conceptual foundation of constitutional law in social contract theory. In the face of the existential dilemma jeopardizing civilisation the time has come to rethink the basic premises of social contract theory to update it to the realities of the age of climate crisis. The states have been furthering their own ends for decades, violating natural law‘s concept to leave enough, and as good for others. This threatens not only the right to preservation of those ‘others‘ who live in most affected areas or are lacking the economic means to mitigate the most severe impacts of the climate crisis. A social contract theory for the 21st century must not only broaden in scope, but also lengthen in time. It is necessary to discuss the conceptual basics of social contract theory to overcome the state of ecological war.

Chair(s): Konrad Lachmayer