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July 8 @ 13:40 - 15:10 UTCJuly 8 @ 09:40 - 11:10 New YorkJuly 8 @ 08:40 - 10:10 BogotáJuly 8 @ 21:40 - 23:10 SingaporeJuly 8 @ 23:40 - 01:10 SydneyJuly 8 @ 15:40 - 17:10 Rome

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The Public Law of the Body: Inequities in the Regulation of the Body in its Productive and Reproductive Capacities

This panel critically examines the way in which various national and international legal systems regulate, or fail to regulate, humans qua producers of bodily secretions, reproductive materials, and people blurring established gender lines. In some contexts, regulation is welcome, or even essential, for individuals to have access to appropriate medical care and support, while in others, legal interventions risk stripping them of their autonomy, creating regulatory and other barriers to access. Panelists will contribute to deepening our transnational understanding of the legal status of the human body by uncovering the various commitments animating regulatory efforts or their absence and analyzing their distributive consequences, especially in terms of gender.

Chair(s): Mathilde Cohen / Courtney Cahill